A variety of Kaga specialties every season-the finest gem to eat with carefully selected local ingredients. With local sake in Ishikawa Prefecture.

  • Passion for ingredients

    "Noto Noto Beef" raised with great care in the beautiful nature of the sea and mountains of Noto and fresh "Nodoguro" landed at the local port,
    Rokusei Koshihikari and Kaga Vegetables made in the Kaga Heiya where the clean water that springs from Holy Mt Hakusan is moistened, etc.
    At this facility, we are passionate about the ingredients of Ishikawa prefecture and strive to bring the joy of eating to those who visit.
    • Local sake made from abundant "water" and "rice"
      Hokuriku, which is blessed with delicious "water" and "rice," is also famous as a place for sake.
      From nationally famous sake breweries to sake breweries that make hidden famous sake known only to local people
      You can enjoy a variety of unique sake.
      At this facility, we have a variety of sake such as Ishikawa prefecture sake, shochu, Wine produced in Ishikawa Prefecture, and Kaga Umesyu.
      Please spend a wonderful time with your loved one along with your meal.
  • Dinner

    • 【Highest grade Noto Beef sirloin kaiseki cuisine】Enjoy the taste of Kaga, such as the melting Noto Beef and the seasonal delicacies of the Sea of Japan.
      Special kaiseki cooking course to enjoy Ishikawa's brand beef "Noto Beef"
      Enjoy a meal prepared by the chief chef, who uses plenty of seasonal ingredients and vegetables from Kaga.

      ≪An example of a menu≫
      Aperitif Umeshu
      Appetizer Seasonal 5 kinds
      Assortment of 3 kinds of sashimi
      Grilled Spanish mackerel soboro-yaki
      Steamed Shiratama Kozuko bowl
      Fried food Kaga lotus root and sillaginidae sandwiched fried plum meat
      Highest rank Noto Beef sirloin steak
      Hot pot Seafood hot pot
      Meal Ishikawa Koshihikari
      Pickled Vegetables
      A boat
    • 【Luxury kaiseki cuisine of luxurious sushimori and domestic abalone】Enjoy gorgeous ingredients such as Japanese seafood and Japanese beef dishes
      ≪An example of a menu≫
      Aperitif Umeshu
      Appetizer Seasonal 5 kinds
      Contact Zosato luxury 8 of the Sea of Japan or sushimori
      Grilled domestic beef porcelain plate
          Dance grilled domestic abalone
      Warm food Kagajibuni
      Steamed food Seasonal chawanmushi
      Small pot Kinjiso noodles
      Fried food Shrimp and Oba Domyoji fried
      Fugu hot pot
      Meal Ishikawa Koshihikari
      Vegetable pickles Seasonal 2 kinds
      Rice bowl Seasonal soup
      Water confectionery roasted tea pudding
    • 【A4 Rank Noto Beef Shabushabu&Gold Seafood Rice Bowl kaiseki cuisine】Our most popular kaiseki cuisine to enjoy the taste of Hokuriku
      Popular kaiseki cuisine where you can fully enjoy the taste of Hokuriku, such as Ishikawa brand Noto Beef and Fujiya's proud Gold Seafood Rice Bowl

      ≪An example of an item book≫
      Aperitifs Kaga Umesyu
      Appetizer Shunsai 5 kinds
      Three kinds of seasonal squid-Amberjack squid sweet shrimp
      Warm food Kagajibuni
      Roasted tilefish Saikyo-yaki
      Kaga Vegetable Kintokoshi Cold Udon
      Vinegar dish Salmon broiled rolls seaweed
      Hot pot Noto Beef Shabushabu onion Mizuna Chinese cabbage Enoki Tofu
      Seafood bowl with traditional Kanazawa 
      Wan Seasonal soup
      Vegetable pickles Nozawana Chinese cabbage
      Water confectionery roasted tea pudding
    • 【Three-color seafood bowl and Japanese beef yakimono kaiseki cuisine】Great kaiseki cuisine with dessert in Kaga local cuisine
      This is a great kaiseki meal where you can enjoy a three-meal seafood bowl filled with Hokuriku seafood in a Japanese beef yakimono.

      ≪An example of an item book≫
      Aperitif Umeshu
      Appetizer Seasonal 5 kinds
      Assortment of 4 kinds of seasonal fish
      Nabemono Wagyu Roasted Suki
      Grilled Spanish mackerel soboro-yaki
      Warm food Kagajibuni
      Steamed conger eel Domyoji steamed
      Meal three-color seafood bowl
      Pickled Vegetables 
      Rice bowl Seasonal soup
      Water confectionery seasonal dessert
  • Seasonal dishes/Additional menu

    Seasonal dishes
    ※Depending on the timing and the purchasing situation of ingredients, it may differ from the above picture.
    We are trying to be able to offer various deliciousness for each season by cooking that utilizes the material of the season carefully selected with one piece per item carefully.
    We will pick you up for the season's special dish and will show you every season.
    • Gem dish
      Each menu is packed with different Hokuriku charms.
      Please, why not try it one by one.

      ◆Click the photo to see the menu details and prices.
      ◆Please apply by 6 o'clock in the evening of the previous day.
      ◆We may not be able to prepare your order on the day, so please understand in advance.
    • King of Great Winter Food"Boiled snow crab]
      Enjoy the whole crab dynamically!
      An umami extract that permeates.Serves freshly boiled and hot.
      The taste of Hokuhoku crab spreads in your mouth.
      1 cup / 5,500 yen ※Uses frozen snow crab.

    • I definitely want to eat when I visit Hokuriku"Throat black salt grilled]
      The deliciousness of Hokuriku that you want to try at least once.
      "High-class fish throat black grilled with salt"
      Plenty of high-quality fat, soft and soft
      It is a melting dish.
      1 plate / 3,300 yen
  • Breakfast

    For breakfast, this facility offers Japanese set meals that are particular about Koshihikari from Ishikawa prefecture and ingredients from Ishikawa prefecture.
    • "Premium Breakfast" Enjoy a little extravagant feeling from the morning.
      At this facility, we offer breakfast that makes you feel a little extravagant, which you can hardly see at other inns.
      Wagyu beef grilled on a ceramic plate with petit seafood made from Hokuriku's proud seafood
      Also won the Rakuten Travel Breakfast Festival for the second consecutive year (2017, 2018)
      Enjoy a luxurious breakfast!
      ※"Premium Breakfast" is currently available only on some plan.
  • Information on the dining venue

    We have 3 types of dining venues: "room meal", "private dining Machiya", and "restaurant Rokka".

    • Meal in Room
      If you want to enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends without hesitation, we recommend you to eat in your room.

      Room Food-friendly room:
      Guest Room with 2 Open-air Baths
      Room with Open Air Bath, "Fuga"
      Special Room "Jibutei"
    • Private dining restaurant"Machiya"
      Private dining restaurant opened in July 2016"Machiya"
      I don't like the smell of food in my room ... I want to relax before breakfast when I put up my futon ...
      It's the perfect dining style for such people!

      ◆5 relaxation points
      One.You can relax and eat without worrying about surroundings.
      Part 2.Warm things are warm, cold things are kiriri and cold, you can have freshly made fish.
      Third.A wave speaker is installed and a comfortable hospitality to the ear.
      Fourth.I can spend comfortably because there is no smell of dish in the room.
      Fifth.You can have room from the morning as there is no bedding before the breakfast.

      Opening hours: 18: 00-19: 30(Start time)
      Number of seats: 16 seats
    • Dining Hall"Rokka"
      It is a spacious venue that can also be used as a banquet hall.
      It is a Table style with your footwear off.
  • For guests staying consecutively

    For meals after the second night, so that you can enjoy your meal time
    The chief chef will use his skills to arrange the dishes.
    Sometimes the host himself carries his own feet and chooses seafood, and there are fun communication that you can propose cooked dishes of the day.