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Hotel Facilities

3000 volumes of books on hot spring inn.

Reading after healing the mind and body,

You should be able to enter the book world more than usual.

Relaxing sofa and bookshelf

  • It is a library corner that appears in the front as you step up the stairs from the lobby.
  • Bookcase

    Novels, picture books, magazines, etc. are enriched in the bookshelf.It is good to soak in the world of the story.It is good to let children read it.It is perfect as a place to wait for a bath.
  • Leave yourself on the sofa

    You can relax at the hot springs and in the rooms, but there is space to heal you here also.
    Please leave yourself to a soft red sofa and have a relaxing time.


  • gallery

    We exhibit and sell mainly the work of local young artists.
    It is also the charm of a journey to touch sensibly rich works whose handwork is clear.
  • Bathing salon salon

    A cozy break where jazz flows.
    There are coffee, draft beer, fruit wine, soft cream and so on.
    Please drop in on a breather taking a break from the bath.
  • Table tennis

    Ideal for small exercise after having been satisfied with hot springs and dinner.
    The tasteful table tennis table of hot spring ryokan makes customers feel nostalgic.
    The use of the table tennis table is of course free.
    To make a little memories during my stay,.
  • Accommodation

    The hotel has three charter hot springs with different taste,
    There are 2 Large bath and a total of 5 hot springs.
    Please use clothing basket when turning around each hot spring.
    Every time I walk, the sound of a small bell ringing, Chirimen will make the lodging more luxurious.

Other services information

  • Beauty salon · Massage

    Beauty salon and massage service are available.
    If you are tired of your everyday life, why do not you take a break from your body?
◇Full body detox treatmentLymphatic massage with aromatic oil.I improve blood circulation and detox.
60 minutes course/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)
◇Full body detox treatment+facialIt is a profit plan with a facial beauty salon.
90 minutes course/¥ 14,000(tax excluded)
◇facial+Rear massageRelax with a facial beauty salon and aroma oil.
60 minutes/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)
◇facial+Foot massageSwelling of the legs·Freshness refresh pack service.
60 minutes/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)
◇Couple PlanThe whole body detox treatment course is set with a massage accompanied by you.
¥ 14,000(tax excluded)
◇Foot massageUse medical aroma oil, please enjoy comfortable stimulation and healing by scent to the sole, calves and back of the knee.
30 minutes (until the knee back) / ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax)
◇Facial Treatmentcleansing·Massage·pack·Finishing+Décolleté
Half an hour/¥ 5,000(tax excluded)
◇Back treatmentRelax with aroma oils from back to thighs and calves
Half an hour/¥ 5,000(tax excluded)
option◇Foot keratin careMore effective than the above menu!
Use a file to remove the dead skin from the heel.
Combination with foot menu is effective.
10 minutes/¥ 2000 yen (tax excluded)
option◇Detox plaster packThis is a facial only option.
Pack that gradually warms up by the far-infrared effect.
Whitening·Lifting effect.
15 minutes/3,000 yen (tax excluded)
  • ◇Information on massage
    Acupressure · rubbing massage by qualified person
    You can experience massage in your room.
    40 minutes/4000 yen (tax excluded)