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Enjoy spring, summer, autumn, winter.I wish for the forest in front of me.I love the beautiful nature's breath that changes facial expressions every season.

Surrounding attractions

We will introduce tourist attractions around the inn.
  • Yamashiro Onsen Map

    Onsen Meiso Club Fujiya is about a 10-minute walk from the Yamashiro Onsen district and has excellent access!
    When staying at this facility, please enjoy the hot spring town where you can enjoy eating and visiting hot springs.
  • Kaga Area

    Within 20 minutes by bicycle
    • Rosanjin resident Ruins Iroha Soan

      Writing, engravings, paintings, artist Unusual addition to the pottery cooking, is Kitaoji Rosanjin stayed when carve the engraved sign in Yamashiro Onsen
      ※About 4 minutes on foot
    • Kutaniyaki Kamaato Tenjikan(kutani ware kiln ruins exhibition hall)

      You can observe the historic Kutani Ware Kiln Ruins, and you can experience pottery and painting pottery.
      ※About 4 minutes by car
    • Kutani Ware Producer Seika Suda

      A kiln known for the fact that Rosanjin people learned ceramics.There are numerous works lined up in a stately store.
      ※About 4 minutes by car
    • Kosoyu

      Meiji (time period) is a public bath that drifts "hot spring atmosphere" that you can experience the history and culture of Yamashiro Onsen while tasting the atmosphere of the Meiji (time period) Era.
      ※Approximately 10 minutes on foot
    • Hazuchio-Gakudo

      It is a base for senior citizens' living activities and exchanges.
      The coffee shop is also used as a place of communication.
      ※Approximately 10 minutes on foot
    • Yamashiro Onsen Gensen Park Foot Bath

      Foot bath in the park.Anyone can use it for free.
      From local people to tourists, it is used by many people.
      ※Approximately 10 minutes on foot

      It is in "Kokutaninomori Water Park", and you can feel the taste every season with the Kutani-yaki exhibition.
      ※Approximately 12 minutes by car
    • Tsukiusagi no Sato

      It is an experiential theme park that you can enjoy with rabbits, special products, enjoy with your family and friends.
      ※Approximately 14 minutes by car
    • Kaga City Kamoike Kansatsukan

      the Ramsar Convention registration wetland, you can observe waterbirds in winter and many birds in summer.
      ※About 16 minutes by car
    • Kitamaebune Ship Museum

      Materials related to the "Kitamaebune" that was active in Setouchi, Nihonkai and Hokkaido around the time of clan government ~ mid- Meiji (time period) period are exhibited.
      ※Approximately 20 minutes by car
    • Kitamae Ship-owners Residence Zourokuen

      Hashitate Village who gained tremendous wealth in the shipbuilding of Edo (time period) - Meiji (time period).
      Zorokuen is the garden of the owner of Zorokuen Hashitate Village at that time.
      In the garden, you can experience the Kitamae Culture fully.
      ※Approximately 20 minutes by car
    • Kaga Fruit Land

      Strawberries, grapes, apples and other seasonal fruit hunting can be enjoyed.
      There is also a barbecue.
      ※Approximately 20 minutes by car
  • Komatsu Area

    Within 15 to 40 minutes by car
    • Natadera Temple

      The precincts centering on nature rocky mountains are famous for their autumn leaves and the evergreen forest spreads, making it a great forest bathing spot.
      ※Approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Yunokuni no Mori

      Kaga is a theme park in the forest where you can experience, such as traditional crafts of Kaga.
      ※Approximately 15 minutes by car
    • Motorcar Museum of Japan

      Approximately 500 automobiles of the world around the Meiji (time period) 34 to the Showa (time period) 45 are displayed in the exhibition space.
      ※Approximately 20 minutes by car
    • Atakanoseki

      Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture coastline facing the Sea of Japan Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
      Kabuki is famous as the stage of Kabuki's One of the eighteen best plays "Kanjincho".
      ※About 30 minutes by car
    • Tedori Fish Land

      Hokuriku biggest amusement park in Hokuriku.
      There are also fishing ponds and pet shops.
      ※About 30 minutes by car
    • Ishikawa Zoo

      There are 135 kinds of animals in a row.
      It is a popular spot where you can touch many families and animals.
      ※About 40 minutes by car
  • Kanazawa area

    Within 60 minutes by car
    • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

      Museum holding contemporary art in Hirosaka Kanazawa City .
      Marubi a nickname of Marubi.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car
    • Higashi Chayagai

      One of the tourist destinations that represent Kanazawa.Many tea house style Machiya houses built in the early Meiji (time period) period are present.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car
    • Kenrokuen

      The scenery which expresses the richness of the four seasons abundantly is highly regarded as one of The 3 Great Gardens of Japan largest The 3 Great Gardens of Japan.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car
    • Ohmicho Market

      Kanazawa is familiar as "the kitchen of the citizen" that supports the food culture of Kanazawa.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car
    • Myoryuji Temple (Ninja Temple)

      Myoryuji Temple with the nickname of Ninja Temple
      It is a temple with various tricks such as hidden stairs, pitfalls, and a stomach.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car
    • Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road

      "It is a toll road that connects Ishikawa prefecture and Gifu prefecture and has a total length of 33.3 kilometers.
      You can enjoy the magnificent nature of Hakusan.
      ※Approximately 70 minutes by car
    • Ishikawa Insect Museum

      It has the largest butterfly greenhouse on the side of the Sea of ​​Japan, and you can observe all over the year about 1000 butterflies fluttering.
      ※Approximately 80 minutes by car
    • Sky Shishiku

      The summit of gentle roughness is used for many people as a base for snowboarding and sky sports.
      ※Approximately 80 minutes by car
  • Fukui area

    Within 60 minutes by car
    • Shibamasa World

      You can enjoy various attractions such as amusement park, swimming pool, putting golf, camping ground and ground golf.
      ※About 30 minutes by car
    • Kanazu Sosakunomori

      It is a facility where artists in various fields, creative activities and experiences can be done at glass workshops and creative workshops.
      ※About 30 minutes by car
    • Tojinbo

      A cliff with a height of about 25 m has a magnificent view with 1 km.
      It is also a land related to literary people.
      ※About 40 minutes by car
    • Eihei-ji Temple

      Eiheiji Temple that is located in Eiheiji Town, Yoshida County.
      In 'Eiheiji Dai Toro Nagashi' to be held in August every year, the Eiheiji Dai Toro Nagashi area is strict and enveloped in fantastic air
      ※About 40 minutes by car
    • Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins

      Sengoku Period is the ruins of the Sengoku Daimyo Asakura ruled the Echizen Province around Ichijodani Castle during the Sengoku Period period.
      ※Approximately 50 minutes by car
    • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Musuem

      It is one of the leading dinosaur museum in Japan, with extremely high exhibition quantity and quality, including the whole body skeleton of dinosaur of more than 40.
      ※Approximately 60 minutes by car