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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a parking lot?

    There is a second parking lot on the opposite side of the hotel entrance and the road.
    If the front entrance is full, we will guide you to tContinue reading
  • Is it an anniversary, can you arrange cakes etc?

    "To the form of blessing."
    "I want to meet the smile of an important person."
    Thank you for choosing Fujiya in a sunny place.
    On celebrationContinue reading
  • I will go to Yamashiro Onsen for the first time but what kind of place is it?

    crab, Shrimp prawns, Cold shriek, Rock oyster, red snapper, White shrimp···To the sea of ​​the Japan Sea
    There are plenty of fresh seafood sContinue reading
  • Please tell me about Fujiya's hospitality.

    Warm hospitality that cherished individuality of small accommodation
    We are keeping in mind.
    Check in is a hospitality with Kaga Bocha and sContinue reading
  • Is there a pick-up to JR Kagaonsen Station?

    We have pick-up from JR Kagaonsen Station from 14:30 to 18:00.(Prior contact required) We will pick you up at the station according to your Continue reading
  • Is there a yukata of a child size?

    Do not worry.We are also preparing yukata for sizes suitable for primary school children and young children.
  • Can I have a beauty salon or massage?

    【Beauty Spa】
    Beauty salon Shan will visit your room at the hotel.(Not for men only)
    ·Full body detox treatment 60 minutes 10000 yen
    ·Full boContinue reading
  • Can I use the Internet in the facility?

    Free wi-fi can be used in lobby · room etc.
    We will inform you at the front desk as a password is required.
  • Would you like the same dish for dinner if you stay for 2 consecutive nights?

    In the case of continuous lodging, devised so that the menu does not overlap.
    Please stay with confidence.
  • I would like to celebrate the 60th birthday etc.

    At the time of celebrations such as the 60th anniversary and Kisetsu, when the ladies' rooms and cushions
    We will prepare.Please inform us aContinue reading
  • From what time to what time can the bath take a bath?

    Because the hotel is a natural hot spring with both Large bath and Private Bath Large bath, basically it can be used for 24 hours
    (Large batContinue reading
  • Is there a bath in the room?

    We are setting up.It is a unit bus.

    There is also a room with an Open-air Bath.
  • Is there a golf course nearby?

    There are several golf courses within 5 to 20 minutes by car in the vicinity of the hotel.
    ·Kaga Country Club
    ·Yamashiro Golf Club
    ·Kaga FuyContinue reading
  • "Can I go with my pet?"

    Sorry, we do not accept accommodation with pets.We can arrange the nearest pet hotel.★Small dog, 1 Night, From 2625 yen/★Medium dog, 1 NightContinue reading
  • Please tell me the type of tax.

    There is a hot spring tax as a local tax law purpose tax.
    For adults per person 150 yen, there is no child.
    On a day trip only 50 yen hot sContinue reading
  • It was different from the picture of the dish or the menu content?

    Depending on the season, content and containers are changed, but the quality is equivalent.
    Since the photograph of the accommodation plan Continue reading

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