Read, feel, taste. I feel relieved in the study and the famous hot spring.

【Official】Onsen Meiso Club Fujiya

We will entertain you with a bath drawn from the oldest source in Yamashiro Onsen and dishes using local ingredients.

Information on the 4th Ishikawa Prefectural Discount

  • We have decided to re-extend the accommodation support project "Ishikawa Prefectural Discount"!

    Accommodation / reservation period:~ August 31(Wednesday)
    ※All plan are eligible!

    <Target person>
    Residents of Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, Fukui, Nagano, Shizuoka, Gifu, Aichi, and Mie prefectures

    <Discount amount>
    You can receive accommodation discounts of up to 10,000 yen and tourist coupons of up to 2,000 yen!
    ※Limited to local payment
    ※When using a coupon, the amount after use is the accommodation amount.
    ※When using points, the amount before use is the accommodation amount.

Information on "Kaga Onsen Village Support Refresh Discount 6th"

  • Kaga citizen limited support refresh discount will resume!

    The accommodation support project "Refresh Discount 6th" is underway for those who live in Kaga City
    Accommodation discount of 50% (up to 5,000 yen) and
    This is a great campaign that comes with a gift certificate of up to 3,000 yen, so please use it when you stay.

    【Great deals only for those who live in Kaga City! 】
    This campaign can be used in combination with Ishikawa Prefectural Discount!
    The maximum discount amount when used together is 15,000 yen.
    ·Discount conditions when used together
    ① Kaga Citizen Discount is applied first.
    (2) The prefectural discount is applied to the accommodation charges after the citizen discount is applied.

Recommended accommodation plan

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Hotel Name

Onsen Meiso Club, Fujiya


2-121-3 Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-onsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Telephone number



[Electric train]15 minutes by free shuttle bus from Kaga-Onsen Station [car]15 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC [airplane]20 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport

Pick-up presence (condition)
We are transferring to JR Kagaonsen Station from 14:30 minutes at intervals of 30 minutes until 18:00 (advance reservation is necessary)
We may wait for a ride.
Please note
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One-day dinner & bathing

Groups·Information for banquet plan

  • "Hospitality" tailored to various usage scenes such as local banquet, seminar camp, training trip

    In this ryokan, local banquet, seminar camp, training trip, etc.
    We will propose "hospitality" tailored to each customer's needs.

    Began to have a group trip and a large number of banquets
    Providing services tailored to various usage scenes such as seminars and training trips.

    We also rent projectors and screens that are necessary for meetings.
    (1 night 2 days: 3,240 yen)
    Please feel free to contact the secretary who is thinking about group travel.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Toll-free, 0120-22-2722, (8: 30-20: 00)