Boasting Hokuriku"Brand Activated Crab" - A supreme masterpiece to eat with carefully selected local ingredients. With local sake in Ishikawa Prefecture.

  • Passion of ingredients

    Fresh seafood deep-fried in local harbors, vegetables and wild vegetables harvested in neighboring mountain villages etc We use seasonal cuisine with abundant ingredients of Kaga's mountain sea.
    • Rokusei of the Rokusei
      We raised it from the creation of passion soil for safety and security and deliciousness in Kaga Heiya which is rich in plenty of snowfall.
      After harvesting, it is dried with wind power similar to natural drying, and it is stored as fir in the early spring to prevent deterioration.
      After spring we are devising to deliver flavorful rice to brown rice.
      It is characterized by the mouthfeel of mochi mochi and the sweetness that remains even if it is cold.Please enjoy it thoroughly.
    • Local sake
      Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with water and rice, there are many sake stores.Fujiya also offer sake brewed sake at Fujiya.
      We have sake, shochu recommended for Japanese food, wine from Ishikawa prefecture, Kaga Umesyu, draft beer and so on.
    • Fuji Giku Shoyu
      I am using mouth soy sauce "Fuji Giku Shoyu" to Fuji Giku Shoyu that soy sauce is a feature of Kaga Shoyu brewed at Hashidate Port.
      Especially it goes well with sashimi, there is no point, the sweetness of Fuji Giku Shoyu pulls out the taste of the fish.
    • Okunoto Natural Salt
      Seawater of Noto Peninsula containing a lot of minerals.
      The "Okunoto Natural Salt" plenty of mineral ingredients made with the same traditional recipe as 500 years ago stands out with a smooth and mellow taste.
    • Noto Beef
      Noto Beef is a Noto Beef that farmers raised with the beautiful nature of Noto's ocean and mountains.
      It is characterized by fine meat quality and elegant fat.
      The content of Oleic acid contained in fat is large, you can taste a mellow texture.
  • Seasonal dishes/Additional menu

    【Seasonal dishes】
    ※Depending on the timing and the purchasing situation of ingredients, it may differ from the above picture.
    We are trying to be able to offer various deliciousness for each season by cooking that utilizes the material of the season carefully selected with one piece per item carefully.
    We will pick you up for the season's special dish and will show you every season.

    【Additional menu】
    Please apply by 6 o'clock in the evening of the previous day.
    We may not be able to prepare your order on the day, so please understand in advance.
    • Sea urchin iso wrapping
      It is a luxurious Isobaku with fresh sashimi on Thick pearl oyster.
      It is a dish that made the most of the feature material.
    • Jibuni
      Jibuni is a representative local cuisine of Ishikawa Prefecture, which has been popular since the days of the Kaga Domain.
      A seasonal vegetable, thick juice.
      There are increasing number of repeaters who are captivating this taste.
    • Sea bream charippers
      Plenty of board secret sushi on plenty of local rice and snapper of Fujiya specialty!
      The end of meal is decided by this! It is healthy so it is popular among women.
    • To repeaters
      Customers of repeaters, customers who have stayed in are already established.
      Arrange for the second night's dish.Or requested dishes such as desired ingredients, palate seasoned dishes.
      Sometimes the host himself carries his own feet and chooses seafood, and there are fun communication that you can propose cooked dishes of the day.
    • White shrimp sashimi
      Chillin chili sweet Transparent rare shrimp sashimi.
      • 1 dish

        Period available:
        2,160 yen
    • Deep fried white prawns
      You can enjoy freshly fried and fragrant.It is perfect for beer snacks.
      1 dish/2,160 yen
      • 1 dish

        2,160 yen
    • Throat black grilled salt
      Luxury fish and black.There is fat.
      • 1 serving

        3,240 yen
    • Squid sashimi
      Fresh abalone is still sashimi! Please enjoy with liver soy sauce.
      • One

        ¥ 4,320
    • Grilled abalone dancing
      Bake it in front of you excitely ....
      It is a dish full of the flavor of the iso.
      • One

        ¥ 4,320
    • Assorted sashimi
      Leave it to Hashidate Port.Serve together fresh seasonal seafood.
      • 1 serving

        3,240 yen
    • sushimori
      Ideal for gathering in celebrations and groups.1 艘, about 4 people.
      • 1 艘

        12,960 yen
    • Sweet shrimp sashimi
      Please enjoy melting sweetness.
      • 10 tails

        2,160 yen
    • Extra large boiled crab
      A big sweet crab of about 1 kg.I am full of myself.
      • 1 cup

        5,400 yen
    • Noto Beef Shabushabu
      It is melting melting fish Noto Beef shabu shabu.
      • 2 servings

        ¥ 6,480
    • Domestic beef steak
      100 g soft fillet meat made domestically.It is popular!
      • 1 serving

        ¥ 7,200
    • Sea bream salt pot
      Shiogama with auspicious 'sea bream' directs celebration banquet gorgeously.
      • One

        ¥ 9,720
    • Snapper shabu-nabe
      You can eat as much as you want.
      • 2 servings

        ¥ 4,320
    • Sea bream charippers
      Put the slime of the sea bream on the rice, and add a long board length secret sushi and get excited.December!
      • 1 serving

        1,850 yen
    • Bowl of rice topped with sashimi
      Fujiya specialty seafood bowl.Please enjoy with local soy sauce soy sauce.
      • 1 serving

        3,240 yen
    • Noto Beef fillet steak
      Kuroge Wagyu Ishikawa brand "Noto Beef" brought up naturally 100 g.Texture finely tastes superb
      • 1 serving

        ¥ 7,200
  • breakfast

  • Private room dining restaurant "Machiya"

    A new private dining restaurant opened in July 2016.
    There is no smell of cooking in the room, there is no futon raising before breakfast, etc. Spend with time spent in the room.

    A luxurious time to taste in a private room type dining which imagined an interesting town shop.Please enjoy Kaga's carefree hospitality that remains in my mind in a relaxing and comfortable place to rest with latticed doors and Japanese lights and sounds.

    Opening hours: 18: 00-19: 30(Start time)
    Number of seats: 16 seats

    ※In addition, we have room plan as usual.As you can select at reservation please make your reservation after confirmation.

    "Elegance space of the theme" hospitality x mouth blossom "

    • Private private room
      It is a private room made by emphasizing private feeling, which does not have to care about the surroundings.
      Not to mention being bothered to visit with your family, friends and gathering together, or relaxing alone without hesitation.
    • 5 relaxation points
      One.You can relax and eat without worrying about surroundings.
      Part 2.Warm things are warm, cold things are kiriri and cold, you can have freshly made fish.
      Third.A wave speaker is installed and a comfortable hospitality to the ear.
      Fourth.I can spend comfortably because there is no smell of dish in the room.
      Fifth.You can have room from the morning as there is no bedding before the breakfast.
    • Catering dishes using the local taste
      Crab and throat black, 鰤, sweet shrimp etc. Seasonal variety of seafood, Noto Beef, Kaga Vegetables, local sake etc. It is a treasure trove of taste.
      Enjoy a delightful moment with a delicious way to eat the ingredients.