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Ishikawa Prefectural Discount

【Only for customers living in Ishikawa Prefecture】Information on Ishikawa Prefectural Discount

  • ★For those who live in Ishikawa Prefecture, the prefecture travel support project "Prefectural Citizens Discount 3rd" will resume on Friday, October 8th.

    ★A discount category of 10,000 yen has been added!
    For accommodation trips newly booked after Friday, October 8th, a new category has been added that discounts 10,000 yen for travel prices of 20,000 yen or more.

    This is a great campaign that comes with an accommodation discount of up to 10,000 yen and a tourist coupon of 2,000 yen, so please use it when you stay.

    ※For trips that are reserved using the prefectural discount by Thursday, July 15 and depart after Friday, October 1, discounts will be applied and Ishikawa Prefecture tourism coupons will be distributed as originally planned. I will do it.

    【Accommodation period】
    July 1st, 3rd year of Reiwa (Thursday) -December 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa(Friday)

    【Discount details】
    ·Discount 10,000 yen and coupon 2,000 yen for purchases of 20,000 yen or more
    ·Discount 5,000 yen and coupon 2,000 yen for purchases of 10,000 yen or more
    ·Discount 3,000 yen and coupon 1,000 yen for use from 6,000 yen to less than 10,000 yen
    ·Discount 2,000 yen for use from 3,000 yen to less than 6,000 yen

    ※The usage fee is the amount per person.

    ·Discounted accommodations can only be booked through the hotel website.
    ·We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us by phone to let us know that you will be using the Prefectural Discount.