In a special room different from usual, enjoy pleasing room with important people and talk.In the room full of liberty making use of space.

  • Guest Room with 2 Open-air Baths

    Private space full of openness.This room is equipped with two Ginsai-pot Bath and a bath of Ginsai-pot Bath handled by local young artists on the open terrace of the same size as the room.We have used it many especially for anniversaries and present trips.

    Fujiya's Guest Room with 2 Open-air Baths Fujiya can be enjoyed on the open terrace.

  • Room with Open Air Bath, "Fuga"

    It is a casual room of exceptional size from 2 to 3 people.Because it is only one room, please reserve as soon as possible.

    It is a type with a cypress bath on the wood deck of the same size as the room.It is exactly good for 2 adults and has become calm size.
  • Special Room "Jibutei"

    All 4 rooms located on the 7th floor of the The Top floor floor.A one-floor charter can also be used for 8 to 20 people.

    Jibutei... Although I am unfamiliar name, I named it after Jibuni the local cuisine of Kaga.A Japanese Suite room with two views with good views, located on the 7th floor of the The Top floor floor.
    There is a type with a tea room and a dining room in the sub-room.
  • Standard Room

    We are preparing various floor plan that you can spare without being bothered.

    Standard room of pure Japanese style which you can use widely from family to people of many groups.

Beauty salon various information

◇Full body detox treatment

Lymphatic massage with aromatic oil.I improve blood circulation and detox.
60 minutes course/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)

◇Full body detox treatment+facial

It is a profit plan with a facial beauty salon.
90 minutes course/¥ 14,000(tax excluded)

◇facial+Rear massage

Relax with a facial beauty salon and aroma oil.
60 minutes/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)

◇facial+Foot massage

Swelling of the legs·Freshness refresh pack service.
60 minutes/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)

◇Couple Plan

The whole body detox treatment course is set with a massage accompanied by you.
¥ 14,000(tax excluded)

◇Foot massage

Use medical aroma oil, please enjoy comfortable stimulation and healing by scent to the sole, calves and back of the knee.
30 minutes (until the knee back) / ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax)

◇Facial Treatment

Half an hour/¥ 5,000(tax excluded)

◇Horny care course

It is keratin removal, foot massage, hand massage.
60 minutes/¥ 10,000(tax excluded)

◇Facial Detox Treatment

W effect beauty salon with whitening and lifting.Transparency and gloss are obtained.
60 minutes/¥ 11,000(tax excluded)

◇Information on massage

Acupressure · rubbing massage by qualified person
You can experience massage in your room.
40 minutes/¥ 4,000(tax excluded)